World Rugby Hall of Fame

Multi-language audio guides

Located in Rugby town, where the story of the game began 200 years ago, this new visitor experience will take visitors on a journey through the history of the sport.

As part of the interpretation in the galleries visitors will encounter plenty of technology – screens and sounds will confront people from all angles, along with museum and archive objects and traditional text panels.

Rugby is an international sport and, as such, the museum is expecting to receive plenty of visitors from overseas. And this presented them with a challenge – how to try and present all that content in more than one language.

That’s when ATS was commissioned to solve this problem. We created an audio tour that translates the high-level text into a range of languages. Visitors can hear the exhibition text at the push of a button.

But there’s more to it than simply recording what we see on the walls. ATS scriptwriters have made the content suitable for listening – there are subtle differences in how visitors take in information when they are hearing it, compared to when they read it. We’ve then used the best voice over artists and production techniques to create a perfect accompaniment to the visitor experience.