Tour Guides Overview

Tour Guide devices for Museums, Factories, Sports and Cultural Sites

Tour guide devices provide an effective solution for small to large groups being led by a tour guide around a city, museum, stadium or heritage site.

The easy to use tour guide system consists of a transmitter (used by the guide) and a number of receivers (used by the visitors), headphones and microphones keeps noise levels lower whilst delivering clear audio to individual and groups visitors.

Tour Guides Specification

  • Crystal clear sound
  • Up to 150m range
  • 2 x 3.5mm sockets (receiver)
  • Lanyards and belt clip options
  • Choice of lapel, headset or handheld microphones (tour guides)
  • Choice of mono or stereo headphone (visitors)
  • Charging cases available in 20 and 40 units
  • 12 hour battery (transmitter)
  • 20 hour battery (receiver)
  • Aux input (for broadcasting pre-recorded audio)