Audio Guides Overview

Audio Guides for Museums, Galleries and Cultural sites

Audio guides are a great way of engaging audiences particularly at venues that have a strong visual experience or where you need to deliver multilingual content.

Choosing the right audio guide

We have a range of audio guides to choose from including models we manufacture and models from partners. This choice allows us to explore the most appropriate guide according to our client’s requirement. Factors to consider when choosing an audio guide are:

  • Size and weight – We have a range of designs and forms to choose from
  • Cost – We have a range of audio guides to suit all budgets
  • Operations, charging & storage – what space do you need, do you have staff, are you looking for self service operation?
  • Triggering – playing audio automatically, synchronising with video screens, point and click or simply allow visitors to enter a number
  • Screens – some audio guides have simple screens to show what track number is being listened to, or which language has been selected
  • Keypads – some guides have rubberised and back-lit keys, others are a single membrane keypad
  • Listening – hold to the ear or with mono, stereo headphones, or personal hearing loops.

We have over 20 years experience in providing audio guides, contact our friendly and knowledgeable team to discuss which solution is best for you.

Short to long term audio guide hire

ATS have a large audio guide hire stock which are perfect for short to long term hire. We can simply load your own audio, or we can produce your audio content for you.