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Tablet Kiosk with Child Visitor

31st August 2017

Tablet Kiosks: delivering digital interpretation and more.

The Roger Brown model of Victorian Winchester is now settled in its permanent home at Winchester City Museum. At 5 meters in diameter the impressive scale model is based on the first Ordinance Survey map of the city from 1873, and took former town planner Roger Brown nine years to create.


As well as an introductory film, ATS produced interactive Tablet Kiosks installed around the display that allows visitors to explore the City, details of the model and discover more of the notable characters including Jane Austen. Writing and producing layered content that includes audio, film, archive images and a series of interactives provide a variety of interpretive tools for visitors of all ages.


Spencer Clark, Director, ATS Heritage said: “ATS Heritage is always looking for new ways to deliver digital interpretation as part of a wider museum or exhibition experience. The use of tablet technology allows us to create easy to use interfaces to provide information which can be updated and changed quite easily. The solution is rugged, can include an audio output (speakers or headphones) and is cheaper and more flexible than print materials to update.

Cross platform options.


Tablet Kiosks come in a range of flavours – Android, iOS or Windows. Beyond interpretive content, Tablet Kiosks and apps can provide feedback forms, surveys, sign up pages, donation pages, access to websites or image archives. Tablet Kiosks can also have a range of technology integrated, such as printers, scanners and cameras.

Tablet Kiosks can be table mounted, wall mounted or free standing and can easily be retro-fitted to existing furniture with minimal effort.

Install and run your own apps, or ask us about using one of our template designs to display your content. Call the team for more information on 02392 595000.



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