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Broadway Tower

Located 2 miles uphill from the town of Broadway in the Cotswolds, Broadway Tower is a folly designed by James Wyatt in 1794. Although seemingly a small object, hidden within its walls are layers upon layers of fascinating history.

What we did

Our Creative Solution

ATS’s Focus Multimedia Guide, paired with compelling creative tours makes the perfect match to deliver an unforgettable experience. The delivery of audio-visual content helps visitors to learn about the extraordinary residents that used to live in the tower and unfurls the process of its acquisition and restoration.

The breath-taking panoramic views from the rooftop are complimented with on-screen pinpoints enabling visitors to interpret the landscape before them, whilst engaging voices and interactive games make this tour suitable for both adults and younger visitors.

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What They Said

TripAdvisor April 2023: "Interesting Landmark to visit, parking included with the ticket and a complete audio-guide. Stunning views and well equipped rooms."

TripAdvisor October 2022: "The tower is lovely and worth visiting. The free audio guide is a must."

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