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Multimedia Tours

ATS is at the forefront of multimedia guide development, pushing the boundaries of both creativity and technology. We combine innovative interpretation ideas with our clients’ visitor outcomes, to create tours that are bespoke and well suited to the target audience. Our knowledgeable team design and produce tours that achieve just the right balance between on-screen content and a heads-up engaging experience.

There are many levels on which a multimedia tour can add value such as maps, floorplans and innovative wayfinding techniques, all of which avoid cluttering up valuable spaces with interpretation boards and clunky screens and speakers. We can deliver layers of interpretation in multiple languages that engage people from all over the world.

If digital interpretation is completely new to you, have a quick read of our introductory articles: Are you ready to go digital? and Creating Great On-Site Experiences.

To create a great multimedia tour unique to your site, we bring together a range of skills and unmatched expertise, under the watchful eye of our experienced production team. The range of services we offer during the creation of your tour include:

  • Scriptwriting and storyboarding
  • Adult, family and specialist tours
  • Foreign language production
  • Audio-described tour production
  • Project management
  • User interface design
  • Wayfinding design
  • Triggering of content
  • 2D design and illustration
  • 3D modelling
  • Photography
  • Touchscreen interactives e.g. Rubaways
  • On-screen animation
  • Recreations and demonstrations
  • Casting narrators and actors
  • Studio recording and filming
  • Editing and post production

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