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Family Tours

We love creating family trails with our Bafta winning writers, the opportunity to bring added creativity to the interpretation has seen us create many memorable family multimedia tours.

Our creative team explore the opportunities to bring stories objects and places to life for younger visitors. Many tours feature characters, fun interactives, trails and quizzes, from ‘Code Breakers Challenge’ at Bletchley Park to a ‘Time Travelling Steampunk’ in Museum of Lincolnshire Life to the ‘Phoenix from the Flames’ who soars around St Paul’s Cathedral – every tour is unique.

We've written a few articles on the importance of Family Tours - you can take a look at our Blog page here.

Here are five reasons why we think you should consider digital interpretation for families:

1. Providing a way to bring the experience to life and making it more memorable will encourage repeat visits.

2. Satisfied families are likely to leave positive reviews and share their experiences on social media. This can lead to increased publicity and visibility for your attraction, further driving visitor interest.

3. By engaging the children, families will get the most out of your venue, representing better value for money for them and potentially leading to increased revenue from gift shops sales and food and beverage purchases.

4. Attractions that offer family tours can cater to a wide range of ages, from young children to grandparents. This inclusivity can make the attraction more appealing to a broader, multi-generational, audience, potentially increasing visitor numbers.

5. By advertising your family tour offering on your website and social media platforms you can differentiate yourself from the competition, guaranteeing you get your share of the staycation spend.

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