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Published: 21 Nov 2023

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Adding a Welcome Video to Your Website

In an age where the internet is often the first point of contact, more and more visitor attractions are discovering the value of a compelling welcome video on their website.

Here at ATS, we think that this captivating visual media surpasses the traditional static web content, offering an immersive and engaging introduction to the visitor experience.

From developing a personal connection with online visitors to showcasing the treasures within, welcome videos are an indispensable asset for venues seeking to broaden their reach, enhance the visitor experience and provide wayfinding and orientation resources for visitors with additional accessibility requirements.

In this article, we discuss the 5 main reasons why we think you should embrace the power of the welcome video.

  1. Engagement: A well-crafted welcome video can captivate visitors’ attention and engage them before they even step foot inside, introducing the venue in a more dynamic and visually appealing manner than text or images alone. The video can also be used to showcase the most important or unique aspects, giving potential visitors a taste of what they can expect when they visit in person. This can be particularly effective for attracting tourists.
  2. Orientation: A welcome video can serve as an orientation tool for visitors. It can highlight key features and provide information about the attraction’s layout and also guide visitors on how to plan a visit in person. This is incredibly important for visitors requiring additional accessibility options due to physical, hearing or sight impairments or even those with neurodiversities such as autism.
  3. Educational Content: Visitor attractions of all types often have a wealth of additional content available, and a welcome video can offer a sneak peek into their educational programs, workshops and events that are on offer, enticing a possible wider audience to explore further.
  4. Brand Identity: A well-produced welcome video can help reinforce brand identity, vision and values, commitment to education and even contributions to the community. It can begin to build a personal connection with visitors, allowing staff or curators to speak directly to the audience, conveying enthusiasm and passion for the collections, exhibitions or the historical story.
  5. SEO and Website Traffic: Including video content improves an attraction’s website’s search engine optimisation (SEO) and increase its visibility in search results. It could also encourage visitors to spend more time on the website, which will improve overall website metrics.

Our in-house producers, film crews and web developers are ready and waiting to help you create a welcome video that will enhance your visitor experience, create a strong first impression and provide a powerful and engaging introduction to your venue.

Please get in touch and we can discuss how ATS can help with your next project.

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