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Virtual Tours

What is a Virtual Tour?

Virtual tours aren't just a collection of static images. They utilise a range of technologies, including 360° panoramic photography, high-definition video and interactive elements to create a captivating experience which allows users to digitally navigate through your museum, historical site or visitor attraction.

The process of creating a virtual tour involves capturing high-quality visuals of your space. The ATS team use specialised 360° cameras and sophisticated photography techniques that stitch together multiple images to create a seamless panoramic view.

Additionally, we can incorporate high-definition photos or video footage to showcase specific areas or exhibits.

Once the visuals are captured, software is used to create an interactive platform. This platform allows users to virtually navigate the space by clicking and dragging their mouse on desktop computers or swiping on mobile devices.

Some virtual tours go a step further, incorporating interactive elements like hotspots with additional information, audio commentary or videos. Take a look at how we brought St James’s Piccadilly to life.

We can even create a virtual gallery space to showcase artwork that you don’t have physical space to display – this can be incorporated into our 3D photogrammetry service.

Virtual Tour Options for Every Need:

  • 360° Panoramic Tours: The most common and cost-effective option, these tours allow users to explore a space in a 360° view by clicking and dragging their mouse or swiping on a mobile device.
  • Virtual Reality (VR) Tours: VR tours create an even more immersive experience, allowing users to feel like they're physically present in the space. However, they require specialised VR headsets and may not be accessible to all visitors.
  • Interactive Virtual Tours: These tours go beyond static images and incorporate interactive elements like hotspots, quizzes, or audio commentary. They provide a more engaging and informative experience for users.
  • Augmented Reality (AR) Tours: AR tours superimpose virtual elements onto the real world through a smartphone or tablet. This allows users to explore an attraction virtually while physically present on-site.

Virtual tours aren't just a substitute for a physical visit, they are a powerful tool to enhance the overall visitor experience. Take a look at our article Virtual Tours: Unveiling the Invisible to see how a virtual tour could benefit your visitor attraction.

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