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Audio Tours

Since ATS began, 30 years ago, we’ve seen audio guides evolve far beyond monotone narrations of facts and figures. They have become vehicles for storytelling, transporting listeners into the heart of a narrative. Through sound, you can evoke emotions, paint vivid mental pictures and leave a lasting impact on your audience.

We work closely with clients to understand their target audience; we walk the visitor journey and we help identify and develop key themes and stories.

To deliver an engaging audio tour, we explore the subtleties of voices, tones and textures that will be most effective at getting your story across, but also creating a memorable visit. You might like to read our article titled Art of Storytelling Through Sound.

With our in-house team of experts we bring together a range of skills and expertise, under the watchful eye of our experienced production team. The range of services we offer during the development process include:

  • Scriptwriting
  • Audio-described tour production
  • Adult, family and specialist tours
  • Project management
  • Casting narrators and actors
  • Studio recording
  • On-site recording (interviews)
  • Archive material editing
  • Editing
  • Sound effects
  • Binaural (3D sound) production
  • Music production

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