Norton Priory

Exploring a 900-year-old Priory and Museum

After a significant £3.7m grant from the HLF to restore the undercroft and redevelop the museum ATS Heritage was appointed to reinterpret and bring to life the 900-year history of Norton Priory Museum and the magnificent 18th century walled gardens through a state of the art multimedia guide and stunning 3D projections.

Using the latest iTouch 5 multimedia guides ATS created a diverse multimedia tour that explored everything from the centuries of development to the site and the daily life of the monks to hidden mysteries and murder!

One of the most striking things at Norton is a giant statue of St Christopher which Tate Britain described as “the largest and most impressive example of sculpture surviving from the fourteenth century.”

Cutting edge projection technology is used to tell his 600-year-old story through medieval pilgrimage, monastic dissolution and the rise of the great house. Nowhere else in the UK can you glimpse the full glory of a giant medieval sculpture as it would have been seen in the 14th century!