Hampshire Cultural Trust

In 2017 Westbury Manor was completely refurbished to create a vibrant cultural venue in the heart of Fareham. ATS Heritage created a series of tablet kiosks with interactive content allowing visitors to explore the collections and archives. Cerian Gale, Community Museum Manager at Hampshire Cultural Trust explains, ‘The tablet kiosks from ATS Heritage are a key part of the displays in each room and enable those visitors who want to explore more to access a range of digital content that provides greater details on the topics discussed in the room. They allow us to display many more photos, images and information than would be possible on the walls and in display cases.’

ATS wrote and produced layered content that includes audio, film, archive images and a series of interactives provide a variety of interpretive tools for visitors of all ages.

Spencer Clark, Director, ATS Heritage said: ‘ATS Heritage is always looking for new ways to deliver digital interpretation as part of a wider museum or exhibition experience. Museums with limited budgets find the tablet kiosk to provide contemporary interpretation at a low price point.  The use of tablet technology allows us to create easy to use interfaces to provide information which can be updated and changed quite easily. The solution is rugged, can include an audio output (speakers or headphones) and is cheaper and more flexible than print materials to update.’