St Paul’s Cathedral

Creating a world-class multimedia tour for London’s iconic 300-year-old Cathedral.

ATS were chosen following a competitive tender to develop a brand-new experience for the nearly one million visitors that are welcomed at St Paul’s Cathedral each year. The company worked closely with the cathedral to help interpret its rich heritage of faith, architecture and British history through a hand-held multimedia guide.

Challenge: ​​One of the major challenges to overcome and an area we knew we could improve, was that of visitor wayfinding. The guide needed to support visitors on their journey from the ticket desk, around the cathedral, to the shop and amenities and finally, to the exit. During audience testing, ATS developed an interface design which allows visitors to choose a tour according to how much time they have and their particular interest. A ‘highlights’ tour provides a fast track tour designed for coach parties and those visitors with limited time.

Solution: ​​We produced a rich variety of multimedia which included audio, filmed interviews, animations, graphic games and interactives. For the family tour, an animated phoenix was created which, using specially created drone footage, was able to fly around the Cathedral, providing a truly unique perspective, taking children on a ‘flying visit’.