Bletchley Park

Home of the code-breakers

The road to enacting this Museum devoted to code breakers was hugely assisted by funding from English Heritage, the Heritage Lottery Fund and private individuals.

Since the latest funding was conditional on “telling its story to the highest modern standards” several multimedia companies were invited to pitch for the creation of a multimedia guide. ATS Heritage won the contract.

Today, over 800 iTouch Guides are available so that every visitor gets a multimedia tour and allows visitors to explore at their own pace and in their own time.

The Adult Tour is narrated by historian and presenter Dr. Jonathan Foyle and includes re- enactments and interviews with veterans. The educational and entertaining children’s tour is narrated through the character of a Wren and includes young code breaker challenges in the form of anagrams and puzzles.

We were thrilled to have been involved in such a landmark project.

Challenged with bringing to life a hugely important site that was rich in stories but relatively poor in artefacts, ATS has pulled upon existing resources and added its own special effects to create a multimedia tour that is introduced by Stephen Fry and narrated by respected historian and TV personality Dr. Jonathan Foyle.