Recruiting Now
Recruiting Now

12th December 2019

Giving the gift of technology

Kenya Children Centres provide food, shelter, healthcare and education to vulnerable children and their families. It has the facility to house and support children who have seen and sadly been through experiences no child should have, within their managed residential facilities in Thika, and Nairobi. Rehabilitation is a key message, helping them to overcome their experiences and gain the strength to move forward by themselves or with caring family members. For those further afield, the charity has an amazing network of volunteers who assist vulnerable and poverty-stricken children through their outreach programmes.  

Children enjoying some of the donated toys

ATS Heritage have been supporting the charity for some time through donations of Christmas presents, writing materials, financial support, and most recently iPads and earphones and toys! Offering the gift of technology will open many doors for the children and families at the centres and we look forward to continuing to support them for many years to come.

Rachel Kimana, Kenya Children Centre said “Thank you very much for the big donation you made to OCC. The toys mean a lot to the children.  Thank you for the ball. Thank you for buying chickens for us from Evans. I know when he comes back, he will organize to deliver them.”

Building block fun

To find out more about the life changing work this charity does, please visit:  

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