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10th May 2019

ATS Heritage at Museums & Heritage Show reveal why on-site device offer is key to increased engagement.

The prediction that ‘the smartphone would kill the audio guide’ has simply not materialised – instead, the pioneering British company ATS Heritage has focused on addressing the most common problems heritage sites and museums face, and successfully reimagined the on-site audio and multimedia guide experience.  

The growth in demand by heritage sites to provide an on-site device offer is evidence of their effectiveness – when done properly. ATS’s style of empathy, creativity and thoughtful application of technologies has transformed visitor experiences at sites including Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Bletchley Park and the newly re-opened Painted Hall at Greenwich. 

No other single form of visitor experience tool than the multimedia guide has the flexibility to deliver such a wide range of features to a visitor.  There is an increase in audio tours with images being presented as ‘multimedia tours’ which, ATS believes, is a missed opportunity. ATS helps transform on-site experiences by listening to clients, their staff, volunteers and visitors, and applying a collaborative design approach for both content and technology. New interfaces, interactives, and film work has been mixed with conventional audio interpretation to meet many challenges, from storytelling and interpretation, to access and wayfinding.

The Painted Hall, ORNC

‘Our holistic style is why we are viewed as the most innovative company in the sector. We have an in-house team of audio, film, graphic and media producers, which means we can gleam more creative opportunities as a coherent team and produce original content at each site. An ATS tour is unique, fun, engaging and inclusive and we are witnessing fantastic feedback from visitors and clients every day.’ ATS Director, Spencer Clark summarised. 

Visit ATS at the Museum and Heritage Show to explore and play with the latest technologies including the class-leading Focus multimedia guide, and listen, watch and interact with some of their excellent tours for all types of audiences.  

UPDATE: Try out the latest VR Audio Experience, a pioneering innovation in digital sound design guaranteed to entertain and ignite your imagination!

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