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13th December 2018

Kenya Children Centres: Supporting the next generation

Two of our Directors, Mike and Audrey Howie, have for some time been working behind the scenes to add support and donations to a charity in Kenya called Kenya Children Centres, kicked off with a visit to a centre in 2014. Mike said, “we did not realise how girls in particular, have so little care provided within the country, until we discovered this brilliant charity. In Kenya, a widow loses her property to the husband’s family on his death and can find themselves destitute and struggling to provide for their children”.  

Kenya Children Centres step in by providing food, shelter, healthcare and education to vulnerable children and their families. It has the facility to house and support children who have seen and sadly been through experiences no child should have, within their managed residential facilities in Thika, and Nairobi. Rehabilitation is a key message, helping them to overcome their experiences and gain the strength to move forward by themselves or with caring family members. For those further afield, the charity has an amazing network of volunteers who assist vulnerable and poverty-stricken children through their outreach programmes.  

ATS has previously provided Christmas presents, writing materials, financial support, and iPads. Our recent donation has been used to provide financial help for families to care for their children through the provision of micro-business grants. Kenya Children Centres maintain continued support with the family in the way of business advice and guidance. The financial assistance helps families to build small growing businesses, with the aim of becoming self-sufficient.

To find out more about the life changing work this charity does, please visit:  


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