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Recruiting Now
Tolpuddle Martyrs Filming

3rd July 2014

Tolpuddle Martyrs Museum

ATS has begun production of a multimedia guide and mobile app at the Tolpuddle Martyrs Museum.

The remarkable story of the Martyrs unfolds as visitors are guided through the village itself, stopping at the homes of the key protagonist George Lovelace and meeting under the famous martyrs tree where plans for the first Trade Union were hatched over 200 years ago. ATS cast members of the actors union Equity to recreate the remarkable story of defiance that changed the world.

The small museum has become a site of pilgrimage for trade unionists and socialists and every July thousands of people visit the Tolpuddle Martyr’s Festival to celebrate and to remember the sacrifice made by the six Dorset farm workers.


Tolpuddle japes


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