Creating remarkable visitor experiences across the cultural sector


You may be interested in developing your first app, or your organisation may have a mobile strategy in place and looking for a creative agency to work with. Regardless of project size, ATS bring our technical and creative experience to help enhance visitor experiences using mobile and digital devices.

An app that works for you and your visitors?

Apps can help people do many things, they can help you eat healthily, exercise regularly, keep in touch with friends, take and share photographs, buy things, listen to music, watch films, find a museum or review an experience etc.

Our approach to developing apps is simple, they must enhance the visitor experience.

Looking to increase dwell time or improve engagement with visitors? We create apps that help pre, during and post visits. Working with you to establish the challenges you have in terms of the requirements of your visitors and the objectives of your organisation we create the ideal solution.

Platforms & devices

We develop apps for iOS, Android and Windows operating systems and we publish to smartphones and tablets.

Indoor & outdoor apps

Indoor and outdoor sites present totally different visitor experiences, so we develop features and functions that are used in both environments.

Using Apps in Multimedia guides

The range of iTouch multimedia guides are based on an Apple iPod Touch, so essentially what we have created is a highly flexible and capable device to run all sorts of great content – tailored to our motto ‘Enhancing your experience’.

If you’d like to ensure that you’re not missing out engaging with this mobile content hungry generation please get in touch.