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Audio Guides Overview

Why audio guides

Audio guides are a great way of engaging audiences particularly at venues that have a strong visual experience.

Choosing the right audio guide

The main factors when choosing an audioguide are:

  • Size and weight – for a compact audio guide look at our new Micro
  • Cost – We have a range of audio guides to suit all budgets, including low cost solutions such as the Basic
  • Battery charging & storage – Many of the guides use rechargeable batteries and come with a charging rack. The ‘Battery Basic’ and the XP2 don’t have a charging system and simply use standard AA batteries that are replaced every 3 months.
  • Screen – some audio guides have simple screens to show what track number is being listened to, or which language has been selected
  • Keypads – some guides have rubberised and backlit keys, others are a single membrane keypad.

Content Management

All our audio guides have the option of a Content Management System, a piece of software that allows you to build and manage audio tours. The Classic, Mini and Micro have a particularly easy to use system that allows you to create a ‘Master’ Guide on one handset, then update all your other units using the charging rack. Read more here.

Audio guide hire

ATS have a large audioguide hire stock, particularly of the Orpheo Classic, which are perfect for short term hire. We can simply load your own audio, or we can produce your audio content for you.